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Ordering samples is both easy and efficient

Use Sample button to order samples. Terms valid inside EU. Orders to Norway will be added charges for issuing the export- and custom documents. 50% reduced freight costs will be added per brand ordered. Value coupon of the total freight costs charged will be issued, valid for 30 days for online orders (not for samples) and max. 1 per order. Coupon will only be issued if accept is given by the customer when signing up for our newsletter.

Feels good and lasts a long time

Important words for the kind of gifts, and give-aways, that both serves their purpose, ergo creates a good relation and positive memories, but also helps us to be much more sustainable. Stop giving away what neither you, nor Mother Nature would like or appreciates. This year we will try to offer you better gifts, for you and your customer, to make better choices that lasts longer and benefits also the environment.

Personalized feel good gifts:

Personally Connected

Ritter Pen cares and so should you!

  • Ritter Bio-Pen

  • Ritter Bio-Insider

  • Ritter Bio-Insider

  • Ritter Bio-Clear

  • Ritter Bio-Fresh

  • Ritter Organic

  • Ritter Bio-Star

  • Ritter Carton I

  • Ritter Carton II

  • Ritter Bio-Mix


Ritter Pen cares


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Free delivery in EU

Orders >EUR 500 net value per brand are shipped free of charge. If you order 2 brands, i.e. Worx and Ritter, delivery is free >EUR 1,000.

Proofs and accepts

All orders with imprint includes a proof before production. The first proof is included in the start-up costs. Further proofs are charged 20.00 each.