Ritter Carton II

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One of the first Bio-pens on the market. This writing instrument made in Germany is manufactured from recycled cardboard, beechwood, and plastic. Equipped is this pen with a quality refill Jogger.
SKU: RIT-72511
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For FREE WORX samples use coupon code: SAMPLE. For FREE RITTER PEN samples use coupon code: RITTER. For XINDAO samples to pay only 50% of the freight use coupon code: XINDAO (all sample terms only inside EU).

When ordering Ritter pens, observe, that choosing pen colors, seeing printing areas and positioning the logo is done during the buying-, sample- or offer flow.

To get a free delivery to one address in all of EU (and Norway), buy net for € 500,00 or more. Observe, that if with imprint, it can be different products, but only the same logo (in different shapes and sizes) in the same order.

When ordering different products, i.e. Worx and Ritter Pen, delivery can be partial brand for brand at no extra costs. Norway is always one consolidated shipment.

We only serve customers with a valid VAT number and reserve the right to refuse any orders not coming from the B2B segment.

Other price- and payment terms that offered as standard by the shop to agreed upon before ordering.

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RIT-72511 Ritter Carton II - 3311 JPEG 800x800 Download
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Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery with imprint 4 weeks
Delivery without imprint 1 week
Printing areas + part colors 90250.pdf
Weight per unit (gram) 14
Export carton weight (kilo) 7
Length (cm) 141
Minimum order quantity (pcs.) 500
Order unit (pcs.) 100
Catalogue name Ritter 2018
Catalogue page 99
Export carton (pcs.) 500
Customs tariff number 96081092
Export carton size LxWxH (cm): 40 x 20 x 30
Diameter (mm) 10
Material Paper, wood, ABS plastic
Refill type standard Jogger 1.0 mm 2,000 m
Refill ink color options Blue and black
Mix & Match Yes
Inner packing quantity 100
Gel ink / Soft refill option Yes, both
Country of Manufacture Germany

Imprint options and info

Here you can read more about the different imprint techniques

Silkscreen print (unlimited number of colors in theory but depending on product, artwork and machine) is a stencil based, durable and hardwearing, method. It is suitable both for large flat surfaces such as textiles and document folders and provides a larger print area around the barrel of pens. Ideal for large print area such as sports bags, textiles and umbrellas.

Silkscreen transfer (unlimited number of colors in theory but depending on product, artwork and machine) and the difference between screen transfer and silkscreen is that with silkscreen transfer can be achieved brighter images, sharper, with small texts and clear details.

Tampon (pad) print (unlimited number of colors in theory but depending on product, artwork and machine) is ink applied using a pad (silicone/rubber). It is suitable for materials with an even surface and items with a round or curved shape. Perfect for items such as pens, calculators and document folders.

Etching is an accelerated oxidation using a combination of electricity and liquid. It is permanent and provides an elegant finish. It is used on metal items such as cups, pens, pocketknives, and key rings.

Laser engraving is performed with a laser beam. Provides one of our most durable forms of imprint. Mainly used on wood, leather, ceramics, metal items or items with a special coating. Leaves a color depending on the surface, the core of the item and the burn time.

CO² Laser engraving is performed with a laser beam with a CO2 laser source, 30-120 watts. Provides one of our most durable forms of imprint. Mainly used on wood, leather, ceramics, metal items or items with a special coating. Leaves a color depending on the surface, the core of the item and the burn time.

Brilliant Laser engraving is performed with a laser beam. Provides one of our most durable forms of imprint. Mainly used on metal items or items with a special coating. Leaves a color coordinated with the trim parts, the reason for the brilliant in the name.

360 Digital (foil) prints the motive digitally on a hot stamping foil. Used on pens where the imprint surrounds the barrel.

Doming is a sticker with crystal clear resin coating. It is durable and resistant to scratching and fading. A hardwearing for a long-lasting promotion. Used for key rings and USB memory sticks.

Offset print (CMYK full color) is a commonly used printing technique in which the inked image is transferred (or "offset") from a plate to a rubber blanket, then to the printing surface.

Punching is a metal forming process that uses a punch press to force a tool, called a punch, through the workpiece to create a hole via shearing.

Embroidery (unlimited number of colors in theory but depending on product, artwork and machine) is machine embroidery in many colors. It is hardwearing and durable with a professional finish. Recommended for fleece items. A perfect way to promote your brand on polo shirts, caps and towels.

Sticker (CMYK full color) is an imprint option in standard colors on a scratch-resistant sticker. Can be used when a permanent imprint on an item is not desired. Also used on gift boxes and packaging.

Embossing (with or without color) is a raised design that is pressed into paper or card stock from underneath. Embossing requires two dies, a male and female die, thus creating more production steps and die charges. The raised area can have ink applied to it, foil applied, or it can be left unprinted and unfoiled. When an embossed area is not printed or foil stamped it is known as a blind emboss.

Debossing (with or without color) the imprinted design causes depressions in the material leaving a depressed (debossed) imprint of the image on the paper or cardstock.

Die casting (with or without color) is a metal casting process that is characterized by forcing molten metal under high pressure into a mold cavity. The mold cavity is created using two hardened tool steel dies which have been machined into shape and work similarly to an injection mold during the process.

How we handle your orders

Pick a product and see both the product prices shown at different tiers and also the printing options we offer for this product, also offered at the same tiers. Observe, that the INFO field next to any printing option gives you information regarding printing area and size. Then click on any of the buttons (Buy, Offer, Calculate or Sample) and follow the requests for product color, size, flavor etc, then the requested printing option(s), upload of artwork and the printing colors to be used if needed with the actual printing option chosen. If you are not sure about the printing color(s), you can click the field saying: Ask me later or I will add color(s) to the comment field in check out. You can always go back and change your information, delete the data or empty your basket.

Once we receive your order, you receive a system generated confirmation by e -mail. Within a short time, we will send you a proof if your order is with any kind of imprint. Note that nothing is produced before we receive your approval for the official proof. If your order is not with imprint, you will receive an order confirmation with a delivery date and confirming our payment terms offered.

If you have corrections to the proof, we will correct them soonest. As soon as we receive written accept of the final proof, we will start production and you will receive an order confirmation with delivery date, -address and our confirmed payment term. Note, that the shipping date is our day of dispatch, and not delivery date at your address. Did you not pay with a credit card and wish to pay by invoice, we will either e-mail you a Proforma invoice, so payment can be done prior to production, or offer you an open credit depending on your financial status.

When the order is ready to be shipped, it will be shipped directly from our factory to the given delivery address. We cannot offer neutral deliveries, but sender will be penhouse partners or Ritter Pen on all shipments. At the same time we will charge your credit card, if the order is paid by one, if the order is without print. If the order is with imprint, we will charge your card before production, and after accept of proof. If an open credit term is offered, see below. Invoice will be mailed directly to your e-mail.

You will receive the shipment on your address by UPS (Norway is served by GLS) and you have 5 business days to make sure your order is correct. It has never before been so easy to order promotional products online with- or without imprint. Remember, if you are not satisfied tell us. If you are satisfied, tell others.

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