Prices follow the current Penhouse Nordic and price lists and can be subject to changes without prior warning. All prices quoted are net and do not include VAT. Penhouse Nordic and, called the Supplier, reserve the right to change prices until delivery has taken place. All prices are either in DKK, SEK, NOK or EUR and according to the country in which the purchasing company, called the Customer, is registered. If the purchasing company is registered outside Denmark, Norway and Sweden, the currency will as default be EUR.

Terms & Conditions

As a starting point, delivery is ex. works for all Customers and markets. The delivery period stated in the order confirmation must allow for any delays and it is not possible to claim compensation from the Supplier if delays occur. The delivery date is always the date of dispatch from the production site. The Supplier reserves the right to deliver +/- 10% of the quantity ordered.


Costs of shipping, packing and handling are specific charges that are country and weight related. Any complaints regarding these have to be received in writing a minimum of 2 working days before the planned delivery date of the actual order. No complaints can be accepted afterwards, once the costs of handling, packing and shipping of the order have been effected.

Delivery obstacles

In the event that the Supplier is obstructed or significantly hindered in the fulfilment of their delivery obligations, the Supplier’s delivery obligation is suspended as long as the obstacle exists.

Replacement and liability for defective goods

The Supplier is obligated, at their choice, to either replace defective goods with similar non-defective goods, repair the defective goods or to credit the buyer for the defective goods. The Customer cannot make any further claims for liability for defective goods.

Overseas terms

This means that a 50% advance payment of the order is paid when placing the order, after the proof is approved and before the production of samples begins. The payment of the balance is made in accordance with the agreed business related payment terms with the Supplier and if there is no agreement prior to shipment from the factory.

Payment terms

Unless otherwise agreed in writing before the order confirmation is sent, the applicable payment terms are either advance payment before production based on an issued Proforma Invoice or payment by credit card via online ordering. There is no charges for over delivery with advance payment terms and in the event of under delivery, the Customer will have their overpayment refunded together with the shipping of the goods by bank transfer.

Charges and interest

If a credit approved Customer has an open item that is not paid for on time, interest will be charged at 2% per commenced month and all future orders will be based on advance payment before production. The first reminder issued for non-payment will have a penalty charge of DKK 300, as well as a reminder charge of DKK 100 per written reminder issued. If the demand is sent to a debt collection agency, all related costs are hereby in full the responsibility of the Customer.


Complaints about defects, incorrect deliveries or goods damaged in transit must be made in writing within 5 working days from the date of receipt. Customer data, contact person, invoice number and date must always be stated. No goods may be returned to the Supplier without prior written agreement. In addition, the goods must be returned in accordance with the written instructions received from the Supplier. In the event that the Supplier is liable for the defective goods, the buyer is not entitled to claim additional compensation for loss of profits or other indirect losses. Also see the section “Replacement and liability for defective goods.”

Industry specific reservations and conditions

Samples and products with or without logo printing cannot be returned and credited.
All production prices (printing- and start-up costs) are based on receipt of vectorised ready-to-print material.
If the material is not vectorised and ready-to-print, the Supplier reserves the right to do this without notification for a fee per logo based on complexity.
All start-up costs include the first proof. For extra proofs the Customer has to pay an additional charge per proof if the changes are not caused by the Supplier.
It is not possible to make changes to the product and the associated print more than 2 business days after the order confirmation with a delivery date has been sent by e-mail.
Changes to the delivery address and form that are received later than 2 business days before the confirmed shipment date are only possible upon agreement with the Supplier and a fee per change will be charged.
Samples that are not ordered online at are charged at a cost-, freight- and handling price.
Designs that are not made online at are charged a fee per design and product.
An approved proof is entirely binding on the applicable product, product colours, as well as the logo placement and printing colours.
An aesthetic assessment by the Supplier cannot be made such as whether an ordered and approved printing colour is too dark for the relevant background or similar subjective assessments.
The Supplier makes certain technical printing reservations such as for small details, thin lines etc.
If the graphical presentation is changed during production, a new start-up is charged and any other costs associated with the desired change.

Any dispute will be settled by the a Danish Court in Copenhagen if it involves Penhouse Nordic / in any way.