Sales- and delivery terms

General information about the Supplier

These sales and delivery conditions apply to the sale and delivery of physical products, sold on penhouse.com, and delivered by:

Penhouse Nordic
V/ Jens Minor Hansen
CVR (VAT) no.: DK26724589
Charlottenlund Stationsplads 2
2920 Charlottenlund
Email: sales@penhouse.com
Tel.: +45 4453 1222

Prices and currencies

The prices follow the actual penhouse.com online prices.
All prices shown are net and do not include VAT.
Penhouse Nordic and penhouse.com, referred to as the supplier, reserve the right to change prices until binding order confirmation sent per e-mail has been received by the Customer.
All prices are either in DKK or EUR according to the country where the purchasing company (represented by its company registration number, CVR number or VAT number), called the Customer, is registered.
If the Customer is registered outside Denmark, the trading currency will automatically be EUR.

Price error

If a price is obviously incorrect and the Customer should reasonably have discovered this, the Supplier is not obliged to supply the product in question at the incorrect price.

Agreement conclusion

For printed products, the agreement is binding when the Customer has approved the proofreading.
For products without printing or re-orders of previous orders where corrections have already been approved, the agreement is binding when the Customer has ordered the products on powerpromo.dk, as the order is already put into production here.

Payment terms

Payment by payment card

The supplier accepts Mobile Pay, Visa/Dankort, Visa and a number of other credit cards that appear in the Webshop's payment window ("Payment cards"). Payment by payment card on the Webshop takes place via a secure (encrypted) connection. The supplier does not store any information about the customer's payment card.
The purchase amount is reserved immediately. The amount is reserved on the Customer's card or account until the Supplier withdraws the amount. The supplier only withdraws the payment for the order from the customer's account when the order has been put into production, which in practice means when proofreading has been approved.
For products with printing, this means that the money is withdrawn after proofreading has been approved and for re-ordering products with previously approved proofreading, the money will be withdrawn as soon as the order is placed as production will then start immediately.
For products without printing, the money is withdrawn when the item is dispatched.

Payment according to invoice

Payment by invoice must be made no later than the date indicated on the invoice as the last due date for payment. If no such date has been specified, the Supplier must receive the Customer's payment at the latest at the same time as the Products are put into production.
If the delivery is postponed due to the Customer's circumstances, the Customer is nevertheless obliged to pay the Supplier as if delivery had taken place at the agreed time, unless otherwise agreed.

Terms and Conditions

As a starting point, delivery is ex. works and works for all customers and markets.
The delivery period stated in the order confirmation must allow for possible delays and it is not possible to demand compensation from the supplier if delays occur.
The delivery date is always the date of dispatch from the production site.
The supplier reserves the right to deliver +/- 10% of the ordered quantity.

Handling, shipping and packing

Additional shipping, packing and handling charges are specific charges dependent on country, volume and weight.
Any complaints about these must be received in writing at least 2 working days before the scheduled delivery date of the actual order.
No complaints can be accepted afterwards, once the costs of handling, packaging and shipping of the order have been completed and paid.

Obstacles to delivery

If a delay in delivery is due to the Supplier being in a situation of force majeure, the delivery time is postponed by the time that the obstacle lasts, although both parties must be entitled to cancel the Agreement without liability when the obstacle has lasted for more than 3 months . This provision applies, regardless of whether the reason for the delay occurs before or after the end of the agreed delivery time.

Replacement and responsibility for defective goods - complaints

When the Customer receives the order, the Customer must immediately carry out an investigation of it as required by proper business practice.
If the Customer wants to claim a defect, the Customer must, immediately and no later than 5 working days after the defect is or should have been discovered, notify the Supplier in writing and state what the defect consists of. If the Customer has discovered or should have discovered the defect, and the Customer does not complain immediately, the Customer cannot later assert the defect.
The supplier is obliged, at its own discretion, to either replace defective goods with similar non-defective goods, repair the defective goods or credit the buyer for the defective goods.
The customer cannot make further claims for liability for defective goods. Complaints must be sent to the Supplier in writing by e-mail no later than 5 working days after the goods have arrived at the Customer.

Fees and interest

If a credit-approved customer has a debt item that is not paid on time, 2% interest is charged per commenced month and all future orders will be based on advances prior to production.
The first reminder issued for non-payment will have a fee of DKK 375.00. thereafter a reminder fee of DKK 150.00 per written reminder.
If the claim is sent to a collection agency, all related costs will be incurred.


Complaints about shortages, incorrect deliveries or goods damaged in transit must be made in writing within 5 working days from the date of receipt (acknowledged waybill).
Customer data, contact person, invoice number and date of receipt must always be submitted in writing.
No goods can be returned to the Supplier without prior written agreement.
In addition, goods can only be returned in accordance with the written instructions received from the Supplier. In the event that the Supplier is responsible for the defective goods, the Customer is not entitled to claim additional compensation for loss of profit or other indirect losses.
See also the section “Replacement and liability for defective goods.”

Industry specific reservations and conditions

Samples and products, with or without logo printing, cannot be returned and thus credited.
All production prices (production, printing and start-up costs) are based on receipt of vectorized material.
If the material is not vectorized and ready for printing, the Supplier reserves the right to do this without informing the Customer against a possible fee based on time consumption per logo.
All start-up costs include the first proofreading. For additional corrections, the customer may have to pay a fee per proofreading if the reason for the new proofreading is not due to the Supplier.
It is not possible to change the order changes to the order after approved proofreading.
Changes to the delivery address and delivery method that are received later than 2 working days before the confirmed shipping date are only possible by agreement with the Supplier, and a fee may be charged per change.
Samples can only be ordered online at powerpromo.dk and are charged at a cost, freight and handling price. No later discount on the order including shipping costs can be expected.
Designs that are not made online at powerpromo.dk may be charged a fee per design and product.
An approved correction is completely binding for the applicable order, product, product colors as well as the placement of the logo and print colors.
An aesthetic assessment from the Supplier cannot be expected or offered, such as that an ordered and approved printing color is too dark for the current background or similar subjective assessments.
The supplier is responsible for certain technical printing reservations such as small details, thin lines, etc.
If the graphic task is to be changed during production, both a new start-up and any other costs associated with the requested changes will be charged.
For orders that are delivered without printing, the full payment is withdrawn when the order is dispatched (this also applies to any agreed partial delivery).

Limitation of liability

A compensation claim against the Supplier cannot exceed the invoice amount for the Products sold and is otherwise limited to damages which can typically be foreseen when the Agreement was entered into, and where the Seller has acted grossly negligently.
The supplier is not liable for operating loss, loss of profit or other indirect losses in connection with the Agreement, including indirect losses arising as a result of delays or defects in the Products sold.
If an extraordinary situation arises which is beyond the Seller's control, or where the obligation due to unforeseen or external events has become unusually burdensome for the Seller to fulfill - and which must be regarded as force majeure or hardship - the Supplier's obligations will be suspended. The time frame for the suspension will be as long as the emergency situation lasts. Examples covered by force majeure and hardship are natural disasters, fire, war, requisition, seizure, currency restrictions, riots, riots, pandemics, lack of means of transport, general scarcity of goods, restrictions of motive power, authority orders, disease outbreaks, health crises, epidemics, pandemics, strikes or production disruptions with suppliers, where the Seller cannot be held responsible.

The court in Lyngby, Copenhagen, Denmark

Any dispute will be settled by the Danish court in Lyngby, Copenhagen, if it in any way involves Penhouse Nordic / penhouse.com / penhouse.dk / ritter-pen.dk / powerpromo.dk.

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